Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 7 - Parise, Je T'Aime

The Canadians were seconds away from taking the gold in Men's Hockey when the take out their goalie so they can sub in an additional attacker. Zack Parise of the U.S. scores with seconds left to take the game 2-2 and into sudden victory period. We lost but oh well, hockey isn't even our biggest past time.

Speaking of Je T'Aime, tomorrow I begin my french classes and could't be happier!!!
Eventhough I was to go skiing this past weekend I would have missed my first day of school =(,
As fate would have it, the trip was cancelled and I was secretly elated that I would be able start the road to french-dom sooner than expected.

 Its' been incredibly windy the past couple days. Apparently there is a huge storm blowing across Europe from Portugal all the way to the Netherlands.

While browsing the articles, this one also called to my attention,
Why France is best place to live in world
written feb. 11, 2010

"France always nets high scores in most categories," the magazine said. "But you don't need number-crunchers to tell you its 'bon vivant' lifestyle is special. It's impossible to enumerate the joy of lingering for hours over dinner and a bottle of red wine in a Parisian brasserie. Or strolling beside the Seine on a spring morning, poking through the book vendors' wares."

Even though we are not in Paris, Lyon does have a telecommunications tower sitting on a hill overlooking the city that rivals the iconic Eiffel tower; and instead of one river we have two, the Rhone and the Saone.

I'm especially enamored by France after a day of exploring the city by bus and finding that hidden in the hills are the remnants of a once thriving roman civilization including a theater that overlooks the now bustling city below.

Not to mention countless churches, museums, and cobblestone streets that give everything a Charles Dickens, or even Harry Potter-ish, type aura.

Even the detail are breathtaking, like crossing the city's two rivers and being able to choose which of the many bridges you want to take. Both of the rivers have at least 4 bridges within 3 blocks of each other inluding the suspension bridges that moves a little with the wind  but have beautiful stone archways over them or the concrete bridges that end with a skate park and walkways to the water where you can feed the ducks and swans.

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