Friday, February 26, 2010

Strike out --- so much for skiing.

Five hours after leaving the apartment, I am back again. We arrived at the airport to find out that the flight could be cancelled and eventually it was.

Here's the scoop:

French air traffic controllers' strike latest European labor trouble

A French air traffic controllers' strike has grounded dozens of flights in Paris, one of Europe's busiest air travel hubs. The first hints of spring appear to be bringing strike fever to Europe.
French air traffic controllers, currently among the most well paid in Europe and required to work only 100 days a year, are angry at a proposal to consolidate air traffic control with some of their European neighbors, which they fear will lead to salary and benefit reductions. Air travel-associated strikes in recent days have created delays and ticket-counter drama elsewhere as well. Pilots for Lufthansa ended a one-day strike last night, but there will be routing and delays until Friday, authorities say. In all, some 800 flights have been affected.

In other news, we had some great food today.

Sometimes I have to pick something off the menuwithout knowing exactly what's in it.
At the airport, I chose the Salad of Lyon. It was a bowl of bacon, with a little bit of lettuce and large slices of what I consider high-end Spam. That is not a large piece of white cheese (which I would have been really excited about) but rather a fried egg. I would give this 2.5 / 4 stars, deducting for the incredibly high fat content. =) It was pretty tasty though and I started thinking about how everyone in France could eat so many cheeses and meats and manage to stay so skinny.
Let me not forget to mention the desserts. The chocolates are just not fair!
They appear pretty normal from the outside but when you go to break into it, you find that the middle is all hot, melted, goodness.

And for dinner, we dined at Chicken Palace, more pics to come.

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