Monday, February 1, 2010

I've still some growing up to do

.......but just a tad, 19 days to be exact. I'll be 29 + 1 on Feb 18th, ugh!

Two years ago I wanted to celebrate my birthday in Europe but my trip was cut short. Now my wish will come true!!!

Dropped Roger off at the airport (again) today. His stay here is over but now a new chapter begins and I will head back to Barcelona on my birthday. Two trips there in one year is not too shabby and so much has happened since I got back from my first tour de Barcelona. I'm excited to see his family again and also for my first visit to France where I will call home for possibly the next year.
Who knows what great things lie ahead, all I know is that I couldn't have asked for more and I feel too blessed to have so much love in my life right now. and it's funny how everything I ever hoped for myself is coming true!!! Found a guy who's greater than great and I'm lucky enough to be able to go to so many amazing places with him.

Oh, and I'm trying to learn some French as quickly as humanly possible. Somehow though the word don't sound much anything like they look. Maybe listening to some french music and watching some french shows will speed up the process.
In the meatime, here is a favorite song of mine in english song from a french group,The Plasticines. You may recognize this from my other blog.

looking back now, Disney paid tribute to the french language quite frequently. Now I see why they put EuroDisney in France.


  1. Didn't I always tell you that you needed to find a libra? Didn't I? ;) For that I should be made maid of honor when the time eventually comes :P Either i'm really good or maybe just a little psychic ;)

  2. You knew it all along, thank SBJ for astrologial matches and us air signs are the chosen people!

    You are definitely in the MOH runnning, hehe, but you must be willing to travel great distances to Texas or Spain =)

  3. wow... what a way to really live life! You're doing what so many people dream of having the guts to do. Truly amazing. Meeting a great guy is harder than winning the lottery! It's so nice to see someone happy and having things come together with so much hope for the future. Ahhhh... I love it!

  4. Tara you know that I am expecting a visit from you ladies! Canada is just a canoe ride away!