Thursday, February 11, 2010

a good point

my boss asked me today if I will tell people in France that I'm from Texas or will I say California. After thinking about this for moment, I realize that this is a very valid point because history tells us the French don't have the fondest impression of us Texans.

I can recall the newscasts of former U.S. President George W. Bush's visit to France in 2008. On the day of his arrival, some 1,000 activists marched in central Paris to protest Bush's policies, particularly the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and his unwavering support for Israel and also his friendship with French President Nicholas Sarkozy. Leading the march was Lady Liberty wearing a star-shaped Texas sheriff's badge as she arrested a handcuffed George Bush impersonator for war crimes.

Here's an interesting article from 2/18/2003 --- Notice how none of the leaders mentioned are still in power.

When you really think of it, there does seem to be a very deep and ongoing struggle and constant comparison between Texas and California. Even the economist has written articles on their Rivalry. Some other studies have concluded:
"In America's federal system, some states, such as California, offer residents a "package deal" that bundles numerous and ambitious public benefits with the high taxes needed to pay for them. Other states, such as Texas, offer packages combining modest benefits and low taxes. These alternatives, of course, define the basic argument between liberals and conservatives over what it means to get the size and scope of government right...."

"California and Texas are not perfect representatives of the alternative deals, but they come close. Overall, the Census Bureau's latest data show that state and local government expenditures for all purposes in 2005-06 were 46.8% higher in California than in Texas"

ZZZZZz, anyways..... I have more thinking to do on this one.

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