Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

we had to listen to this yesterday in class and expected to understand the words. Not quite there yet....

but after class I went home and watched La Mome, the movie about this singer Edith Piaf. Saddest Movie Ever. What an amazing voice she has but her life was tragedy after tragedy. Little did I know this is where La Vie en Rose came from but hers what anything but that.
You can't go wrong with Gerard Depardieu.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to my days

in Spanish-French-Catalan-English. Someone tried to capture this life in a movie.

this is my blog from last year at this time and on October 3rd i met Roger. i had no idea what was around the corner.

love this scene

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A new Australian girl at school reminded me of the New Zealand group Flight of the Conchord´s song in french. When I showed Roger he said that it reminded him of an anti-sex video that was released years ago as a viral spam suposedly by the Young Catholics group in an attempt to persuade the youth to abstain. Check them out.
and this was intended to be a serious campaign believe it or not. They are saying, ¨Together we are working this crossword puzzle, and we like each other. WE sing together, you make me so happy.....I Love Laura but I´ll wait til marriage. I want to kiss you but I don´t want to dirty you.¨

Here is another FOC that reminded me of Lonely Island but was a blantant ripoff of the Pet Shop Boys´s West End Girls.

Monday, September 13, 2010

french roast

We arrived back in Lyon this morning just about 3 hours ago and it's barely now 11.
After being in two very hot climates recently it is refreshing to see that the weather has changed here and it's feeling very fall-ish. There's something about the Autumn time that is so invigorating for me. Even though we only slept about 3 hours last night, I've got endless energy now with the cool weather. Fall has a magical effect on me. Back home it was the start of the football season, my favorite coffees brewing,  the fantastic smells of firewood burning and fabulous feasts cooking that really make me feel so good every day. It was difficult saying goodbye to my family and home this time but I think that I can find some of the same things I love so much back in the states right here in France. Today for example, the smells of the Indian restaurant downstairs firing up their grills and preparing delicious curries for the lunch service have made their way up to our window. Hopefully all the kitchens will have this effect of inducing a terrific aroma in the air these coming months. Also, as we left the cab and made our way down the street to our apartment my local retail friends were out opening their shops and welcoming us back home with a "Bon Jour, ca va?" Not to mention, all my friends are back now after the summer trips and the start of our third season to prove we are not such newbies to this town anymore.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

This feeling increases every day...

The Libertine, the American and a Secret Show

My trip back to TX flew by as I revisited old stomping grounds, caught up with good friends, and my #1 priority getting in the QT with my family.

Wednesday (sept 3) I met up with my favorite Sara (no H) Blackard and her hubby Beau to get my first heaping dose of Tex Mex since returning at Chuys. Afterwards, over some miller lites and shiner bocks, we gabbed about all the changes since we last saw each other 3 months ago including one particular scandal involving an unreturned heating unit. This brought up a lengthy discussion of etiquette when borrowing and lending things between friends. It's interesting when you loan a friend and item and they never return it, and eventually the item's value becomes irrelevant and you begin arguing with the pal solely on principle. Then when all is said and done 7 months later, you've got your $100 heating unit back just in time for fall weather, you're minus one disrespectful friend and feeling like you've won a battle.

Thursday I met up with 5 of my former co-workers for lunch and it was so great to feel like time hadn't passed between us. It was all the fun of being at the job without the hassle. Then I headed downtown to pickup my official passport from the federal building and then on the road to Dallass with my dad and dog. Friday I reaquainted myself with the Dallas shopping scene and just in time for the labor day sales. After shopping in France and Spain, it's good to get back to some familiar stores again.

Saturday we joined up for lunch with our good friends True and Elizabeth, and their niece also named Elizabeth, at my friend Dana's bar The Libertine on lower Greenville Avenue. We had no idea that her food was awarded best bar food in Dallas and the menu was better than most pricier establishments I've been to. We munched on Pork Wings which were phenomenal, the house mediterranean plate, and amazing onion rings just to start. I had a medium-rare tuna sandwhich with sweet potato fries and it was mind-blowing! We had a 3 o'clock movie time to see The American with George Clooney. Our opinions were all the same, booooring! We paid $12 each to see what George Clooney does behind closed doors with his Italian girlfriend. Maybe the Tea Party can do something about this. The good news is I got a text from Dana while I was in the movie inviting me to go see the Old 97s that night. They just happen to be my favorite band and I was really surprised because I checked their show schedule before coming out and there wasn't any Dallas dates. Come to find out my friend Dana, who I've know since I was 8, failed to tell me that she's know the band personally for a long time now and this is a party for the lead singer Rhett´s birthday. Not to mention it´s going to be at my old hangout called the Green Elephant which is now called The Barley House. Anyways, we found ourselves standing next to the stage with only about 50 other people and the band rocked both old favorites and great new songs soon to be released!
Here we are...

Now I´m back in BCN super jet-lagged still after two days and taking off for Lyon tomorrow. This week I hope to get back to my french courses and start up salsa dancing classes with my friends.