Saturday, February 6, 2010

I need a montage

Today i had french dressing for the first time on my salad as I sat across from my dad during lunch. I'll probably never forget this particular 20 minutes because my dad finally caved and gave me his long-awaited approval of my relationship with Roger. Many restless nights have passed worried about my dad his feelings about my departure. Everytime I tried to talk to him he would say something along the lines of I know you'll miss him but time will heal all wounds. He had not been dealing with my leaving very well and I guess it's finally settling in that I'm serious and I will be leaving soon.

Maybe this is the point where I should start filming my French preparation Montage......
When I say Montage, don't get it confused with that drag-queen wannabe from The Hills, aka wife of Spencer Pratt's. The one I'm referring to is ironically a french term and is defined as:
("putting together") most often refers to collage including photomontage and sound collage.  In case you don't understand here's a clip that will explain it very well.

- My day started out driving to work listening to my french CDs. I have two that I switch between, the first is fairly cheesy with its off-off broadway songs that bounce between french and english. I just hope that the first French person who approaches me doesn't get an off-tune hello then bellowing all the colors in the rainbow.
I greeted everyone at work with my best "Bon Jour" and I'm sure that at this point they are all slightly annoyed that I am breaking free from the office and continue to remind them of that with promises of souvenir berets and roast coffee (because in france they don't call it french roast just like canadian bacon is just plain bacon to anyone north of the border).
- Then there was my first encounter with French dressing, actually doesn't taste tomato-ey like I always imagined it would.
- Then I bought some striped shirts online, seriously.
- Picked up the movies Amelie, Paris Je t'Aime, and the Hangover (this one was Red Box'd though).
- Got home, tickled the ivories a little bit and tried to memorize Fur Elise again. It's been awhile but I do love to play the piano.


  1. Paris Je Taime starts off great but pitters off towards the end. Still recommended though to capture le accent.

  2. gotten about halfway through, thinking about starting over and watching it with the subtitles. when i got it i figured it would be in english because the case flashed natalie portman on it. i've yet to see her in this movie.