Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 8 - School

I had my first French class today from 9-12 and it was amazing. We learned the alphabet, numbers from 1-20, as well as nationalities.

Among my 14 classmates, there are:
3 Venezuelans, two i think are brother and sister
2 gorgeous young girls from Brazil
1 Israeli-American lady who came to France with her husband (she lived in the States for about 3 years)
1 Japanese girl about my age, she met her french husband in Japan and relocated here
1 young guy named Wallace Woo from Hong Kong who's english is nearly perfect
1 thirty-something guy who currently resides in Tanzania but is Irish/Turk and travels around a lot
1 Bolivian/Spanish fellow who doesn't speak any English but is here to study photography, I think
1 Argentenian/Italian man
1 Saudi Arabian who speaks English very well, and though he's quiet I think that he might be pretty funny
1 Israeli girl who sits next to me, she wears the typical garb and seems very bright
1 older lady who's Armenian/French

We are all beginners but I think that some already understand French yet don't speak or write it yet. It is a relief though because during our break we found that we all have the same opinions thus far of Lyon;
That it's a beautiful place and the locals try to be helpful, but no one speaks anything other than French.
It helps to know I'm not alone.

While doing my homework this afternoon, I have been watching [The Fabulous Destiny of] Amelie. It's a really beautifully directed French film with a very clever plot about a girl who not only is trying to catch her dream guy but is also changing the lives of others along the way.

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