Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 3 - Mercredi

I finally got brave enough to use the public transportation today, and it was great!!! No more wandering the street aimlessly.
At noon I caught the 53 bus at the end of my street, then jumped on the C1 bus that carried me to the Museum stop where Roger was waiting for me to go have lunch.
Instead of opting for our normal deli lunch of sandwiches and varieties of quiches, we entered a small restaurant called Pell Mell where they offered two lunch choices.

We had the Brandade de Poisson.
- Brandade: a warm garlicky puree with milk or cream or oil, and sometimes mashed potatoes. 
- de poisson:  "of seafood".  So, it was basically mashed potatoes with fish in them.
Surprisingly it was probably my favorite meal so far and I would definitely have it again. However, some of our meals have been a bit dodgey because nearly everything is made with seafood. For example, we tried some quiches yesterday, one was made with shrimp and one with salmon. Eggs mixed with seafood is something I prefer not to experience again. Much like public transportation, there are some tastes the Western palette is not accustomed to. I have acquired a taste for pate' and foix de gras, but the smell of fresh oysters being sold on the street still bothers me despite its novelty.

Today I went grocery shopping and found that the gastronomy of France goes much deeper than the restaurant cuisines. I found that Pringles potato chips are basically the blank canvas for french artists of flavor. So excited about my discovery of new flavors that I had to purchase three canisters: Wasabi, Sezchuan BBQ and Chili-and-Cheese.
(*Sour Cream and Cat flavor sold exclusively in China)

After I finished my dinner shopping which consisted of canned pate', some crunchy bread, and vegetable soup I picked up a $2 bottle of wine!!!! Hopefully it matches the quality of San Diego's famous brand "Two-Buck Chuck".

Tonight I will try to make my first French meal but we may have to go to McDonalds (aka "McDo") if things don't turn out well.

Bon Apetit!

Last Sunday we stopped at a gas station that had a McDonalds adjoined with a mini-store that had the usual stuff like magazines, gum, and more types of Nougat candy than you can ever imagine. Turns out McDo's was fresh out of chicken and it took us a while to find this out because even though we were asking for nuggets, they did not understand what we wanted til we said ummm, "Chicken Noug-ATS si vous plais". They did however have a chicken sandwich and packets of original mustard which happened to be the Spicy Mustard that we have in the states. This made me a very happy girl becuase that mustard is the sole reason I will eat at this fast-food establishment.


  1. i LOVE reading your updates. You capture it so well and your pictures are awesome. Thanks for vicarious living! And for being the only reader on my blog from France! That was so cool to see on my flag counter!

  2. Isn't it the coolest blog addition ever! Thank you Tara for the Canadian flag tallies. For some reason, I have one visitor from Thailand on mine.