Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lyon Day 1 - Lundi (Monday)

We arrived in Lyon Sunday night around 10 pm, that's 3 pm CST. It was about a 6 hour car ride from Barcelona which by European standards in one long road trip. However it could take over 9 hours just to travel across Texas which goes to show that the Lone Star State is bigger than France. We're sure not to mention that little fact to any of the locals though.

It was cold and rainy when we arrived and already dark so we called it a night and hurried across several blocks and up to the studio apartment. Fortunately the next day, we were able to switch to an actual one bedroom apartment that I think we can settle into for the next year. These are pictures of the base models, at least we have a kitchen now, a large balcony, and a living room with a lot of closet space.

Anchors just seem to be reoccuring throughout my life, hopefully we will gets this mediterranean theme modernized soon! Overall, we are very happy with the new nest!

On Monday Roger and I took the bus back to his office after lunch and then I proceeded to walk back. According to the map I was not far from the Lyon Centre.
Here's my very first broadcasts ever, they're very amateurish but hopefully with a little practice my vids will improve.

In the city I came across some wonderful sights and places. Alas, my camera battery soon ran out so I will have to return soon to capture them all.

I did meet one girl who spoke English today, she worked at Starbucks in downtown.
No surprise there, I figured that would be the one place I could order without any problems.

Later on, Roger and I made our way back to the Centre via metro rail to dine at Les Enfante Terribles.
 and the dessert.
What a great start to our adventure!


  1. I will definitely be following your blog. So jealous of your amazing experience :)

  2. You totally should have reminded those Frenchies that Texas is bigger than France! You might also remind them that in the Tour De France it's Texas 7, France 0!
    They'll appreciate the reminder.
    Keep up the great blogging!

  3. Good Job! Sarah, awesome blog about France ;-)