Wednesday, February 17, 2010

less than two days

and I'm exhausted! I feel like I've been put throught the packing gauntlet, or rather, the olympics of travel preparation. In the luggage competition, we have already been through 3 preliminary rounds and the finals should be tomorrow. Seriously though, my shoes alone could take up one bag and I'm trying to keep it to two carry on items and two checked items. That's even too much to bring judging by the pictures Roger sent me of our new studio in France.
Thankfully, it's just temporary until we get a normal apartment that's not just a bed next to the toilet and a mini fridge that is supposedly the kitchen. In the meantime, my search continues for the french translation of "Walk-in-closet". They've got to exist, clothes are a major part of the culture. I'm hoping that the Parisian fashionistas do not fold their coutour gowns and put them in a drawer. If worst comes to worst, I will convert the shower space into a hanging rack. Wonder if I'm the first to have to resort to this action? Maybe that's how the smelly reputation came about, hmmmm.

My favorite musical New Zealand duo, The Flight of the Conchords, and their comical lesson in french and how to pick up women.....

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