Friday, February 12, 2010

Last day at work

Studying some more today. I'm bad, but my concentration is shot today and I can barely focus at work....

"Lyon is a major centre of business with a reputation as the French capital of gastronomy and having a significant role in the history of cinema due to Auguste and Louis Lumière."

I keep seeing the work Gastronomy in everything I read about Lyon.
My initial thoughts is that it had something to do with internal medicine.
       Wrong - that would be Gastroenterology
Then I figured it had something to do with studying gases in outer space.
       Wrong again - That's just astronomy

So I broke down and asked for directions, from Wikipedia:
"Gastronomy is the study of the relationship between culture and food."

Hmmmm, food? I like food, Tell me more....

"A gourmet's principal activities involve discovering, tasting, experiencing, researching, understanding and writing about foods. Gastronomy is therefore an interdisciplinary activity. Good observation will reveal that around the food, there exist dance, dramatic arts, painting, sculpture, literature, architecture, and music; in other words, the Fine Arts. But it also involves physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, geology, agronomy, and also anthropology, history, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. The application of scientific knowledge to cooking and gastronomy has become known as molecular gastronomy."

I can't wait to feast upon some gourmet french food like fresh baked eclaires, rich cheeses and delicious wine.

French cuisine is a style of cooking originating from France, having evolved from centuries of social and political change. Gastro-tourism and the Guide Michelin helped to bring people to the countryside during the 20th century and beyond, to sample this rich bourgeois and peasant cuisine of France.

I've had the chance to experience a little french food outside of the chain restaurant Le Madeleine, such as: Foie gras (fatty duck or goose liver)  --- tried for the first time in a japanese restaurant in Barcelona. Sounds gross, but it was amazing!  Can't wait to find out what other tasty treats I will try.

Escargot - "Nobody is sure how this got started. Probably a couple of French master chefs were standing around one day, and they found a snail, and one of them said: 'I bet that if we called this something like "escargot," tourists would eat it.' They they had a hearty laugh, because 'escargot' is the French word for 'fat crawling bag of phlegm.'" -- Dave Barry, 'Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need' (1991)

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