Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Day!!!

Most importantly today, my best friend since 7th grade, Amanda, finally had her little girl Sosie today!!!! She was due yesterday and the doctor's planned on inducing labor this coming Sunday but she was destined to be an aquarius!

I fly out at 8:30 this evening en route to Heathrow in London and then on to Barcelona where I will meet Roger. On Sunday we plan on driving out to Lyon.

I'm still packing and unpacking and repacking. Its just about done though. Who knew I have so much STUFF? When you think about all the unecessary things we carry around, possessions, it's really ridiculous. In my defense though, it will be very cold in France and some of these jackets and sweaters take up a quarter of a bag. My shoes alone could fit an entire suitcase but I'm very proud of myself and managed to leave most of them here.

I'm a little stressed over leaving my dad, my dog, and the rest of the fam. Hopefully the anxiety and anticipation will pass.

ok back to packing....

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