Friday, March 2, 2012

What´s in my closet inspired by Barcelona´s Park Guell

Last weekend we were finishing up our vacation in Barcelona. The sun was out Saturday and we decided to go to Park Guell. It´s one of the most fascinating places to see here because it is pretty big but it´s like something out of a children´s book. Gingerbread-like houses, curved railings completely made out of collaged porcelain, a giant green lizard, and rocky underpasses. There is so much going but all the jagged edges, unruly silhouettes and colors fit together in this fantasy-land built over a 100 years ago. The colors and the vibrancy are really inspiring to me in addition to seeing different styles all the tourists that gather there from all over the world. I put together some new outfits earlier this week as I was organizing my closet with Park Guell still on my mind. (I really need to invest in a tripod.)

I like the melange of brightness with neutral, artificial with natural, touches of soft blue and always lots and lots of textures. This was one of 3 sweaters I just ordered off EBAY from a vintage store in Edinburgh. The skirt I have had for probably 8 years. The belt from Forever 21 ($2.50).

Mostly neutral colors used here with a touch of black for contrast and the majority of the attention is directed towards the top. An old Old Navy denim jacket I cut the sleeves off of and everything else is old and new stuff from H&M.

Oh Green! Green is for me what red is for other people. It´s the color I want to wear if I want to make a statement. It´s probably the color I wear the least but it makes me feel brave, important, and full of energy. This is probably what I would have worn if I had gone to Fashion Week in Paris next week. Tant pis (too bad) but there will be more opportunities like that once we´re leaving there. Patience ma cherie.
This skirt is ¨cinched¨ because I found it on the Clearance rack at Gap and eventhough it was a size too big I just had to have it (10 dollars). The striped shirt comes from San Diego which makes it about 4 years old. The jacket from Avril (soldes of course) and the boots were for my birthday last year.  

Some other outfits:
All Vintage. Green sweater and mentioned earlier, leather skirt from vintage store I shortened, orange purse from same vintage store. 
Sweater from ebay purchase. Skirt from vintage store here in Lyon, shoes from Bimba Y Lola. 

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