Friday, March 2, 2012

A 5 star day

Spring is in the air and Lyon has life again. After a harsh start to the year and an extra cold February, things are starting get warm again with the start of March. I had a near perfect day yesterday.
1. Treated myself to a Pain Gourmand (roll with chocolate spread inside) before French class.

2. A new OPI nail polish (20% off). "Dutch-you-just-love-OPI" from their new Holland collection

3. Diet Cokes on the terrace with Natalie
4. Dance Aerobics. I don't know what got into me but I put my headphones on and 45 minutes later had shaken my booty til my legs were trembling. Love that feeling!!!!
5. Out to dinner & dancing with 4 of Roger's co-workers to a restaurant/club called Docks 40. Good Mojitos, great Foie, Risotto, and lamb. Not to mention the two DJs were great. I've put a playlist in the following blog of some of the best songs from the night. We got home at 2 and I don't think we've been out to a club in the past year, we'll definitely be going back. It's good to know that Lyon has life after dark.

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