Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Meet Jenifer

Yesterday, waiting in front of the Opera, I met a man named Clara.
He was carrying my mannequin under his arm. 
As I walked to Yoga with my new friend in her Ikea bag I debated what to name her. 
Then out of nowhere I passed a space I never noticed before. An international meeting place. A huge café so warm and inviting. They had flyers by the front door of the monthly activities. Next Tuesday, Catalan lessons being taught in French. How perfect!
Still, I need to name her, Seal Lupus? Marguerite? 
Roger, said they didn´t suit her. Then this song came on the tv and voila!

It´s about a boy who falls in love with a girl. It´s a forbidden love though because he´s the most Catalan a Catalan could be, and well, she´s not at all.  She´s a ¨Jenifer¨. 
Like Romeo and Juliet they say. He´d give up his car for her.  Watch the video and get a nice little tour of Barcelona as they sing about all the important traditions and their love. 

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