Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fairy Coincidental

I´m finishing up the blue floral dress and decided to make a matching headband similar to the one that model Suri wears for a shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth. Like always, while I´m sewing zone in completely with CocoRosie playing. So as I go back to search for this photo, I found the one to the left. How appropriate, Kiera Knightley is sporting Coco & Rosie´s signature drawn-on mustaches. Maybe Ellen was inspired by CocoRosie too. Gaga has nothing on the bizaarness of these two sisters. They actually go fairy hunting in Italy.

Here´s the floral headband process.....

 Piece of elastic with some fabric from the dress. 
Sew on the flowers, duh. 

Siri by Ellen. So cute. 

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