Thursday, March 1, 2012

Tuesday night cooking class

I'm already on my way to recovery! I just booked a cooking class that is being taught next tuesday by a friend of my friend Jenna at I'm very excited! 
Here's what on the menu:
Learn to debone and filet your poultry of choice, and prepare a stuffing using herbs and seasonal market based complimentary ingredients. This is accompanied by a classic panache of young vegetables, the cheese course and île flottante, a classic French dessert

Oh la la!  I can't wait. One day, I will have to take the macaroon course that I missed out on a couple of weeks ago. After several failed attempts at making them myself I admit that I might need to get some professional help with those tricky but delicious little desserts. In the meantime I'll just be indulging on everyone else's macarons. Here I am seen chowing down on Jenna's Speculoos Macarons from a couple of weeks ago.

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