Friday, March 23, 2012

High on Loewe

I was walking with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law after a lunch at Mauri in Barcelona´s center today when I asked them if they had heard about Loewe´s (pronounced Lo-ev-A) new store opening up. No more than 20 feet farther ahead we passed in front of the brand new Galleria Loewe. As luck would have it, it opened just 3 days ago and we decided to take a look. We were greeted by several smiling women, one of them began to take us on a tour of the divine new gallery. I was thinking this was very similar to the Louis Vuitton museum in Paris that I´ve read about and then I learned that LVHM owns Loewe. 
I always wanted a Louis Vuitton bag,  but now I want a Loewe.  Pretty Please.  

The company started in Madrid in 1846 and became became renowned for the quality and beauty of its leather. 

This is a piece by piece display of how the bags are constructed. 

Each back takes 10-12 hours to manufacture.
Actual tools used to construct the bags. 

If you desire a customized bag you have your choise of polished crocodile in 11 vibrant colours, or 8 shades of luxurious ostrich for the body, binding and corners, handles and keyholder. Select from 7 colours for the sumptuous napa lining, and opt for metal details available in gold or palladium. 

I really love the butterflies.
A touching tree, lined with all the different skins of the bags so you can feel the variety of textures available. 

A vintage purse, shoes, and scarf on display. 

Yeah, I could live here. 
Stacks and stacks of books everywhere with a view of La Passeig de Gracia and La Pedrera nonetheless. 

An actual window display from 1946.

More beautiful scarves. 

A video I took of the dancing silks....
My favorite blogger Susanna Lau (aka Susie Bubble) was at the opening two nights ago, when they had a live demonstration of embroidering. Check out her experience:├│n-.html

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