Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pumped up Kicks

I've been revamping my shoe collection recently because after months of winter and only wearing two pairs of boots I'm ready for new looks.

Several pairs keep finding themselves getting weeded out of the shoe bin and I've debated putting them up on Ebay but the profit margin just isn't there. That's when last night I stumbled across a post in Elin Kling's blog where she turns a pair of suede boots from tan to black. They were almost identical to a pair I have from Nine West.

So finally, I have four pairs (3 are suede) that have qualified for the project. I present you the first two candidates and their prospective results:

Candidate 1: Nine West oh-so comfortable clogs, but let´s be real they´re trĂ©s moche. 
So let´s get a little ferocious and bring out their animal side

Alexander Wang 2010 

Candidate 2:   You gotta love Target brands but sometimes we rush to decisions there because the prices are too good to refuse. Well, I bought these maybe two years ago and have never worn them.  They just need a little umph to go from ca va to chic.  


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