Thursday, March 22, 2012

Read a book

Since I quit french, I´ve pretty much dived into the art of couture. In the past week I´ve invested in 3 great books to help me along in my studies.

Textile & Mode by Jenny Udale I picked up today. It is an in-depth read about materials, their origins, and how they are used in clothing. Thus far, I´m enthralled, I can´t wait to read more.....

The other two books are pattern books done by Japanese designers. 
I´m working on a parka now from this one and the next project will be the adorable shorts.

The patterns aren´t too difficult but make sure you have some good tracing paper because the patterns are overlapped and you have to use a tracing wheel or copy the designs to pattern paper.
 ......and this one is filled with gorgeous Anthropologie-like dresses.                  

On my book wishlist:



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