Monday, March 5, 2012

Giddy Mode Clothing

I'm admiring the amazing and diverse collection Kenzo has prepared for Fall/Winter 2012. One of the prints of their dresses is similar to one I made a couple of months back.

Here´s a few more things I am working on today. 
A skirt I´m playing around with, I really love adding layers and dimension
This t-shirt dress I made extra-long and here I´ve shortened with a belt. Normally it hits the shin. I like this light weight jacket for the spring. Light, happy, fun colors. 
One the first things I´ve started. I love the lime and blue. 

A cape with buttons and matching skirt. 
One of the many clutches I've made. They're all playful and usually I alternate between bright blues or either a southwestern theme.  

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