Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OMG Marc Jacobs

I've always had a thing for LV purses. It's the first designer brand that I ever knew because my mother had a barrel bag in the early '90s. When she donated it to the church 5 years ago I just about went into shock.  Anyways, she did give me the petite version which I think is for putting your lipstick in. Anyways, it's close.  Now, Marc Jacobs has taken the bags to a whole new level and the new line is gorgeous.

He's really into the big hats this year and stiff fabrics. I like the dress/skirt over the short pants look. I am not sure what to think about his personal line. I think that the little decals with the feathers are a bit weird and the shoes were inspired by pilgrims.

Marc by Marc Jacobs I totally get it. It's cool and funky. I really enjoy the dresses at 1:47 & 3:13. I was hoping however that the pleated skirts would go away because they look horrible on anyone with hips. the outfit at 6:20 is killer and I would wear the hat, boots and all. Love it.

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