Monday, March 5, 2012

An A.D.D. induced coma

So I missed French, again! Monday's class doesn't even start until 9:45 but i was up til 3 in the morning doing something I shouldn't have. In fact, I was doing said activity almost all day.  It's  new-age Sunday Funday which has left me feeling hungover and filled with regret. Maybe 4 or 5 years ago I would have been drinking at a bar, watching football all day or hanging at the beach then going for mexican and margaritas. These days, my guilty pleasure is Angry Birds. Thank you for ruining my life Angry Birds since I got you with my tablet two weeks ago for my birthday. I always laughed at my friends who were building their farms on facebook. I can't do that anymore, I'm officially in the nerd herd too. Just when we thought we finished the game, we discovered we weren't collecting the Golden Eggs along the way which later unlock secret levels. Back to the beginning we go, working alongside insider's tips and YouTube videos that give instructions on where and how to find these mysterious hidden eggs. The sad thing is now I've got 3 computers and I can't manage to escape them. I'm currently using my old-school lap top which has to stay plugged in constantly because the battery is fried but I prefer it because the screen is bigger and I don't have to ruin my posture to use it. Then we have the small travel-sized laptop that has a memory card adapter so I can upload my photos easily and use Skype to chat throughout the day. Now with the tablet, it's so small it's hard to put it down. It can go anywhere! I'm a slave to technology and I want to break free.

One of the 10 tabs I currently have open is for the Dolce & Gabbana magazine. Yes, they have their own magazine now and it's not half-bad. I found this article there:

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