Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 34

La Vida en Rose!

Sorry I´ve been MIA on the blog for a while, but my computer has been not feeling too well. Here´s a rundown of my recent adventures in France.

Last weekend, we made it over to Barcelona where I finally got to sample the liquid chocolate goodness I´ve been dreaming about. We went to a Chocolatier called Mauri with amazing window displays. As you can see, Easter is quite a momentous occassion here and they go to great lengths to decorate.

Here you can see two different chocolate displays to purchase, the Simpsons, and below the Smurfs. They can cost up to 300 Euros (approx $450+).

Saturday night, just an hour south in the small town of Tarragona (where Roger´s mom grew up), we witnessed an exceptional Easter parade that displayed a much deeper and darker side to the approaching Catholic event.
Notice his hand. (will post better pic later)
These hoods are worn as a form of penetance.

Yesterday, I also completed my first level of French class. I am now able to give directions, invite someone to a party, movie, dinner, etc., as well as make hotel reservations.  Level two starts April 2nd.

Roger and I also closed on our new abode for the next 10 months which we will move into Wednesday. We are so excited about being able to settling into a nice place to call home after a month in this dorm-room-like hotel.

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