Sunday, March 14, 2010

Days 19 - 21

This photo isn't changed a bit. We actually found a pretty fun and modern restaurant with a cool atmosphere Friday night at our local mall called Paradis du Fruits. They have everything from Smoothies to Sundaes and you can customize your poison by adding some rum to your lime soda or some mango sorbet to your tequila to make a delicious margarita for example.
These mojitos were a tasty change from the usual glass of red wine with dinner.
The food is not half bad either.
I had some sort of curry chicken with rice and fruit (of course).

Saturday we ventured up into the big hill to check out the town's most dominant landmarks the Notre Dame de Basilica Fouviere and the Metallic Tower.

To get there from our neighborhood on the East side, we must cross the Rhone River, make our way about two blocks through the insanely crowded town center, over the Soane River and then Zig-Zag up the Fouviere to the top.

The Tower was constructed in the form of the Eiffel Tower in its first stages by M. Gay.

The entrance to the Basilica.

Roger on the front steps next to the city's namesake, the Lion.

From this point we are between the tower and the Basilica looking down at the Cathedral St. Jean where we visited last weekend. Here you can see both rivers and how narrow the town center actually is. The open square in the middle is called Place Bellecour.

*Fun Fact:
Measuring 312 m by 200 m (62,000 m²)[1], it is the largest clear square (i.e., without any patches of greenery, trees or any other kind of obstacles) in Europe, and also the largest square that is dedicated solely to pedestrians.
It used to be the area for Roman military and merchant activity during the Gallo-Roman era. Think about this: settlement of this city started around 43 BC!!!

I've been playing around a bit with my pictures at so humor me and my occassional attempt at being artsy. 
In the background you can see a pencil-shaped tower, that is the Radisson hotel and it marks the spot for the shopping mall Part Dieu and one of the city's major bus and tram stops. We live about three blocks from that point.

Here's another video I took, the 1970's effect was not intentional here.

More blogging to come on the rest of the weekend.......

**** notes taken from Wikipedia.

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