Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 24

Today's song is So Lonely by the Police. I'm not so lonely but this song reminds me of Barcelona because both of my trips there I've ended up dancing to this song with friends of Roger's. We leave Friday to go back for his dad's birthday, fingers crossed there are no strikes this week. I Heart Barcelona!

Carmen from the Canary Islands, Mariu from Venezuela, and me at a birthday party one month ago.
We used an ipod app later that evening to see which one of us had travelled the farthest to come to Spain.
I barely squeeked out a win over Mariu.

Somehow this awesome video makes me think of Jen's trip out here in May. Running amuck in Europe by trains, planes, and ... buses. I can see walkie talkies in the near future too! Right now I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach as we try to fit in all the places we want to go and see. How will we ever do so much into just 8 days?

Meanwhile, back in reality I'm throwing myself into a French crash course as I scour the internet for apartments. I've already attempted looking at all the sites that are in English, and I'm sure that they're mostly scams. So now I've found a couple really great prospects and I will jump on the metro to see if I can further my search using what little vocabulary I've got. Sometimes I'm not sure what language I'm speaking, it's like my very own megamix.
....and as my french and spanish improve, I'm certain my english is getting worse. Dios mio!
I'm off now, Wish me luck!

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