Thursday, March 18, 2010

I got notice from Lonely Planet that a photo I submitted was approved for one of their contests.
along with this blog, but that's last week's news.

Jen's visit is fast-approaching, less than 7 weeks. I know it may seem far off to some but I know that it will be here in  blink of an eye. My head is turning as I try to figure out how much we can see in just 8 days. Paris is covered, we will be meeting there on May 7th... the question is where to next?

We considered London but then we wouldn't have time to get over to Italy which is at the top of both of our lists to see. I'm a huge fan of Lonely planet so I consulted the site to get some opinions on the hot spots for this May.

1 Barcelona, Spain  Spain's Mediterranean jewel sparkles with its Gaudí and gourmet delights, a buzzing waterfront scene and 2000 years of history. See our list of Barca's festival highlights.
2 Edinburgh, Scotland August is festival time in Scotland's bonniest town; take our tour around the various venues, or just walk around town for a couple of days.
3 Rome, Italy  Seat of the Empire and the Church, a phenomenal concentration of history, monuments, style and energy. Italy is also an adrenalin fiend's wonderland.
4 Paris, France The big ticket items of Paris are plentiful and varied - try an authored highlights list to whet your appetite.
5 Prague, Czech Republic  Be enthralled by this Bohemian fairytale, where a thousand spires and a Gothic cathedral are

Our friends Karen and Nate will be traveling to Prague the same time that Jen is out here but I don't know if the C.R. is where we're envisioning ourselves on the momentous trip. It did make the #5 spot however and will be hosting one of Europe's biggest musical festivals at that time as well. Edinburgh is well-deserving of the #2 spot, it's quite fascinating. Side note: my french teacher met her husband there and has one of the coolest accents ever when she speaks english, and was telling me just today that JetWay flies direct from Lyon for 40 Euros. I don't think the town is just exotic enough for the current mood. Barcelona was a possibility but not enough time to get Jen on there this trip.
So by process of elimination, we have Rome and then the third potential spot will be Nice in the south of France which is like this amazing oasis to me right now. Crystal blue waters, white beaches, flip-flops, cold drinks, mmmmm.

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  1. Yes yes yes! :) Can't wait. It's flying by you're right. I won't feel completely settled until we have our mini flights booked then it's ON!!