Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 9 - More school

I just returned back to the apartment with the groceries I purchased for dinner (Part Deux).....stuffed in my purse. I paid for the items but first of all the mart I shopped at doesn't give out bags to put your food in, typically they give you one or two but not this mart, not this day.

I say part II because well, last night I almost set the kitchen on fire and I want to give the tortellinis another try. Funny how Roger and I have developed a quick history of culinary mishaps. There was the "Great Potato Fire of Houston" where Roger almost turned the microwave to ash at our last place. Then there was my grease fire, another attempt at cooking potatoes, this time in the frying pan. We avoided further damage by making sure that my significant other didn't douse this oily fire with water. Baking Powder made the top of our next shopping list.
From that point when it came to potatoes, if they weren't already cooked they didn't enter the apartment.

Anyways, back to last night. Somehow I managed to set a blaze a tortellini in the microwave. Not sure how the knife made it in there with the food and the paper napkin, but I saw through the little fiberglass window streaks of red and orange. Folding the paper napkin in half, I managed to extinguish the hazard. I then pulled the vent cord to let the smoke but the string broke off in my hand. So, I went to the balcony doors, opened them and when I came back the paper was on fire again. I took a chance and threw it in the sink, end of story. When Roger arrived and the place smelled of fire, we decided to dine out.

We ended up at a restaurant down the street where not even he really knew what any of the menu items were.

We picked two dinners and figured we could share them especially if one was not good. This food was beyond waaaaaay beyond not good. The place seemed pretty normal, good crowd, friendly hostess, nothing alluding to the fact that we would have a dinner that rivals the one Indian Jones had in the Temple of Doom.

"Cervelle de veau" was Roger's main entree. Evidently it is a classic french dish, but we were not expecting "calf brains". They didn't even try to disguise it. You know, any other time I would have had my camera and I hate to deprive you of visual images so here's one. Imagine two of these on a plate, with a side of Potatoes Au Gratin.
My dish, I don't even want to take a guess at what the orange mush was poured inside a bread roll. I didn't recognize the flavor.
Why did everyone else have such amazing looking Turkey Legs and Roasted Chicken? At least my Creme Brulee was great even though it was hard to enjoy it much at this point.  

As we walked out back into the street, wishing we were still feeling hungry instead of our current state of disgust, we laughed at the situation. We will never forget the day when I started French Class and Roger ate Cow Brain.

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