Saturday, February 18, 2012

Why I love Zara during the ¨Soldes¨

Twice a year France has a period of sales in which all stores are required to discount their stock with only the exception of the brand-new collections. The first day of the ¨Soldes¨are chaos, I mean I´ve lost people in the mass of crowds that swarm the local stores. Some stores like Comptoir de Cottoniers offer modest mark-downs on their clothing but not really enough to entice bargain hunters. The real deals are in the shops like Mango, Zara, Naf Naf and so on. I attempted the first couple days of soldes but there are so many people that it makes shopping not enjoyable and many of the clothes become dirty and ruined from so much handling by desperate consumers.
However, I ventured back out on Wednesday with a friend and the rack have mostly become full again with new garments and the sales are limited to select tables and corners. After having some success with a few new things I looked again Friday and uncovered some more unclaimed treasures at unbelievable prices. Here´s the stock: The dresses were all priced at just 9.99 Euros (orig. between 40 - 60) The jacket was 29.99 (orig 60) and the purse was 15 (orig. 30). Totaling just 75 Euros!

My lovely blue fuzzy soft coat that I call Muzzy. 

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