Friday, February 24, 2012

Canarias trip: 5 dresses 1 jacket

We arrived Saturday night to the Carnaval parade going full blast on the street next to our hotel. We put our things in the room and took to the streets. Today is my birthday and my sisters-in-law gave me this lovely new scarf. It´s cold and we had to figure out a way to layer, my legs aren´t really this white (albeit I´m in need of a tan).  I´ve been saving these white tight for the spring. This is a dress from Top Shop circa 2008.
In Trianna(Las Palmas) next to the Christopher Columbus museum. I like how the colors pop in this neighborhood. Wearing a new Zara dress from my previous post. 

Exploring the Dunes on Monday.  

Puerto de Moga, Finger of God in the background.
A close-up of this dress with one of the little guys from our lunch. I thought he resembled the birdies on this french connection dress. As a matter of fact, I think he looks like he´s part of my necklace. 
 Waiting for the parade to arrive to the beach for the end of Carnaval.   Luckily I brought several pairs of tights to wear with this Zara dress and I added an orange chiffon long-sleeved shirt from American Apparel. I don´t think I would have survived the cold winds without this little Caslon jacket from Nordstroms.

I just realized these shoes are very similar to the one Taylor Tomasi is sporting in the left. I bet she didn't snag those at New Look for just 6 Euros. 

(Side note: Love her legs!)

Back to the party.
Finally, the fireworks!

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