Monday, February 13, 2012

The Emperor's new clothes

My husband never really comments on my shoes, but the other day he said that I've really gotten my money out of Melissa's  Vivienne Westwood Anglomania grey ankle boot  that I bought about a month ago. At first he thought they were a little strange and thought that I would tire of them quickly. 
I proved him wrong becuase I've been wearing these bad boys out in the weather probably 5 days of the week without a sign of wear or tear. They will be a staple in my closet throughout the Spring as well. Aren't they just adorbs?

Now that we've got our first trip of the year planned to the (fingers crossed) Sunny Canary Islands next week, I'm Jonesin' for some girly sandals, in bright colors of course. These are the new Peace sandals from the Melissa collection. By the way, the plastic smells like candy and they don't get scratches. I'm partial to the blue and yellow. 

What do we think of these designed by Gautier?
Kinda sexy, and I think that "invisible" clothing is going to be HUGE!  Even Oscar de la Renta and LV are hitting up the trend. I just can't help think of high school days when some schools required clear bags so they could monitor for dangerous weapons.  Let's not forget the lesson of the Emperor's new clothes! 
These bags from Lowe will only set you back $1400. At that price, there won't be much $$$ left to put in them anyways. 

I think the designer's having a joke at the fashion victims' expense. 

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