Thursday, May 20, 2010

just checking in

The past couple of weeks have been craziness. Jen's visit couldn't have gone better, and we exhausted ourselves in Paris and Rome running around seeing all the sites. Afterwards we wound down a couple of days in Lyon. We all left for the airport friday morning where Roger and I headed of to Barcelona and Jen left on her journey back to San Diego. In Barcelona Sunday night, we were at the stadium to celebrate Barce's victory as Spanish league Champs. We followed the victory route into the city where I witnessed thousands of the happiest people in the world with red and blue flags waving, horns honking, and people climbing over statues, bus stops, and the walls of buildings.
I've arrived in Houston Monday night after 24 hours of travelling. That day started out with cancelled flights in & out of heathrow thanks to the volcano again. Then after going to the airport and rerouting everything, I missed my connecting flight in NY to Chicago. Finally, I was able to get on a direct flight from NY to Houston, but my luggage wasn't so lucky. I finally recovered my luggage today and Im still trying to adjust to the 7 hour time difference. Plus after spending three months on another continent I'm feeling strange and a little out of the loop here.

Hopefully soon I will get to upload some pics and have enough concentration to give more details about the trips. In the meantime, here's a little song for your listening pleasure.

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