Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've been totally lazy lately and haven't written a thing about all the travelling I've been doing. I guess I'll start with the most recent trip back here in Texas. My good friend from college Carolyn tied the knot on Saturday in Austin. Roger flew into Houston Friday afternoon and we hit the road headed for the wonderful hill country. We stopped for dinner at Austin's famous Trudy's for some delicious margaritas and rich rich mexican food.

Saturday afternoon we witnessed the "I Do's" at a beautiful catholic church across from the UT campus.

After we headed to the Barton Creek Resort where the reception would be held 4 hours later. Once we got to the hotel I got to meet 4 very handsome little guys. These are just 4 out of about 10 babies that my friends have brought into the world this past year. Baby Fever!!
From Left to Right: Tristan Niebes (Katie & Jonathan); Nolan Kolwalski and his twin Carter on the far right (Rachael & Brad); Ryder Hemlock in the striped shirt (April & Matt)
They're so amazing.

Me with my gorgeous Delta Gammas sisters Carolyn & Sara.

The Sea Bass and Filet were unreal, not to mention they had potato lyonnais!

Sunday morning we refueled at the County Line for some of the best BBQ I've ever had.

Iced Tea, fresh wheat bread, along with some ribs, turkey, chicken and sausage. Yee haw!

We arrived in San Antonio later that day to Hotel Valencia where we got off to an interesting start. The hotel was very modern and was somewhat like a dungeon with its dark lighting and indoor waterfalls. It really set the mood for some mysterious surprises waiting for us in our room. Pretty much as soon as I was finding the spots of blood on our bathroom towels and on the floor, Roger discovered a lacy black pair of Fredericks of Hollywood underwear laying on the floor of the bedroom. Considering we probably stumbled across evidence of the murder of a hooker we should have gotten a little more than free breakfasts and a bottle of wine.  

The horror continues when we find that BP North America was meeting here as well.

Enough with the drama, out on the riverwalk.....

At the Alamo on Monday morning.

The Tower of Americas standing 750 feet up, built in the 60's for the World Fair held here in San Antonio. Despite my fear of heights, I braved this tower like Dallas' 650' Reunion in Tower last year.

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