Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 69 - All Good things come to an end

This week marked the end of a couple of important things.
The first was the phenomenal run of the "little team that could" - the Olympique Lyonnais who lost their match Tuesday against Bayern Munich 0-3. It was fun being here for the race though.

On Wednesday, Barcelona had a devastating loss to Internaizionale in their race to Madrid for the Champions League. What a tough loss considering the Italians merely had to guard the goal only for the duration of the game to ensure that Barce didn't score more that two goals. To make matters worse, there was a horrible call for use of hands that retracted their second goal that would have won them the game.  The Italian coach Morihno is completely classless and his team didn't even attempt to play a little offense whatsoever. They had that game handed to them on a silver platter, not even having to score a single goal to win.

Thirdly, my final day of french was this morning and I am so pleased with my test results! I did far better than I expected and just one point shy of the best score in the class. After class a bunch of us went for lunch and drinks to celebrate and we ended up in an Irish bar that is owned by a fellow Houstonian. He's the first Texan I've met yet [in France] and the first American I've met outside of school.

Part of my class below, from Left: Arthur ( Algeria), Kesorn (Thailand), Noriko (Japan), Romina (Venezuela), Martin (Argentina), Me, Ayako (Japan), Natalie (Israel/America), Sophie (Australia)

Now a new chapter will begin here, and  I will see how well I can do learning French on my own. First test will be getting around in Paris next week. After that I'll be travelling to Rome, then Barcelona for another weekend before my trip back to the USA til the beginning of June. Carloyn is gettng married and I can't wait to soak up the summer heat in Austin with my friends!

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Life is Dandy!

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