Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 59 - Spring time

The airports are finally up and running again and just in time for our trip to Barcelona tomorrow! Plus, in just two weeks time Jen will arrive! I think by now I am prepared for a good test of my french, and what better way to try it out than on an excursion to Paris.

I'm a bit frustrated though because it's impossible to get "current" American tv here and my pledge sister Jackie was a cheerio last night on the season premier of Glee. She's the reason us Delta Gammas were so successful in the SMU talent shows.

In my free time I continue to take photos for my art class, and some have already been selected for the school's exhibition at the end of May.
The city is really coming alive with the spring flowers blooming and the constant sunshine.

Rihanna was here last night performing, and although I wasn't able to catch the show there is a great lineup this summer. The Roman Amphitheater will be hosting Vampire Weekend as well as Xavier Rudd along with some other great headliners that I'll be sure not to miss.
Lugdunum, as this area was known, was officially recognized by the Roman senate in 43 BC.

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