Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A last (North) American hoorah in Paris

My favorite Torontian, Jenna, came up from Lyon yesterday and we got to hang out a few hours we both head out of France and back to our respective homes. Evidently, we are both anxious about all the frenchy things we are going to miss so we soaked up all the culture we could in our final moments in the City of Lights.

First stop, the Hollywood Expo at the Hotel DeVille.

 En Suite, we headed over to the Swedish institute for some Meatball action. Desormais, they didn´t serve what we were looking for. So we grubbed out on BLTs, grilled cheese, and freedom fries at an American diner instead.

We skipped their peanut butter and chocolate ¨Obama¨ shake, and opted to share an Oreo one instead. You had me at sprinkles. We´ll definitely need some Obamacare after this meal.


 Then we headed over to
for some magical 

 in a genuine Quebecoise photo booth from the 70s. 

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  1. Ah man. What a great day. Tu me manques déjà!