Thursday, May 10, 2012


On Monday we visited a Japanese fabric store in Barcelona I´ve been dying to go to for a while now. There was so much beautiful fabric that was quality that I just couldn´t decide on what to get. So I picked up a couple of pre-squares for about 4 euros each and put together a little pillow at home today with some gold bordering I picked up at Toto.  I know it´s just a couple of squares but I put in a zipper and a separate pouch with the stuffing. I´m really pleased with myself.

Song of the day. So haunting. So beautiful listening to this in the park on this warm sunshiny day.

and for good measure, some of The Cure.


  1. The pillows are so cute! I love the gold bordering detail --- makes it much more interesting. :)


    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. =)
      I´m checking out your cool blog now!