Friday, May 11, 2012

Juices flowing

Today I´m studying up on sewing. I´d consider myself a novice at this point in the craft but now that I´ve got several projects under my belt it´s time to go to the next level. My good friend and partner-in-coudre brought over a wonderful book called Built By Wendy Dresses in which she describes so clearly all the important steps in making clothing. I´ve racked up a collection now of pattern books and others that don´t nearly explain so clearly how to go about sewing something you´re actually going to wear.

In addition to this book my Mary Thomas´s Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches just arrived. Because of my love all things Mexican I really want to learn to embellish clothing with colorful designs by hand.

Once this little gem below comes in I will be up to my ears in inspiration! Really I think I am Frida reincarnated or at least I wish I was so I could wear all these amazingly beautiful outfits everyday. Modernizing them will be the challenging part of the projects.

Feeling so Mexican today, I think we will break in our new pressure cooker with some Carnitas! 

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