Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rip Off

Sitting at my sewing machine this morning, doing what I normally do and catch up on this season´s runway shows and listen to music. However something I couldn´t ignore happened. Moschino´s runway Spring 2012 popped up on my feed. It´s not a brand I am really familiar with but the opening look of the show is one that I´m very familiar with. As you might can tell I´m a huge Anna Sui Fan and when the Bullfighter Bolero paired with slim black pants and the typical matador hat came out, my jaw dropped. I have been taking notice that shoes are an item that get copied a lot between the designers. It´s just a downside of the trade, you can´t really patent creativity completely.  However, I think that in light of the ongoing trial of Gucci vs. Guess, we might be seeing a change in all the copycats out there.  It really is mind-blowing just how much creativity stealing these designers get away with. It´s part of the fashion game that really it´s all about timing. Just because you´ve come up with the idea doesn´t mean that the public will like it straight away. This gives someone else a shot at approaching the market again.  The worst part about this Moschino faux pas is they didn´t even try to be discrete about it because this look worn by Agyness Deyn is pretty much legendary. Right down to the hearts and all.....


and the bolero wasn´t the only thing copied. There are several skirts in there that are very similar to ones in Anna´s 2009 collection.

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