Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Emma

Little Emma arrived one week ago and I couldn´t be a prouder aunt!

Since shopping for baby clothes, I´ve found that the enfant clothing industry is booming. Simple patterns, one sized everything, and sellers are taking advantage of the cuteness to charge waaay too much money.  Last week while searching for a gift for the newbie, I walked into the sweetest looking store in Barcelona which was literally Baby Couture.  It was filled with about 4 racks of baby clothes ranging in about 8 different patterns and 5 different styles that were duplicated for each color. A dress for an one year old costs 90 euros!!! The fabric couldn´t cost more than 8 per dress. Sure, they were cute but really there was nothing special other than they made the clothes there in the back of the store. Imagine the profit margin. I think I might be on to something and at the very least I can save the family some money. So today I wandered over to a gigantic cloth store a friend just tipped me off to the other day called Mondiale Tissus. The name fits because this was the largest fabric store I´ve ever seen and there was so much there I couldn´t even pick. So instead I went over to the section where the have the precut fat squares (about 50cm x 45 cm) generally used for quilting and I decided I would just make something for little Emma. After picking out fabrics I found some buttons, threads, ribbons and tassles. I could get in trouble in this place..
Here´s what I´ve got to work with..

First up, this adorable little baby romper. Not sure if 
I´ll have enough fabric but at the very least I can make the top and that headband is a must

Love this little summer dress.

For this I think I will combo the purple with the green. 

Another variation on the romper found at 

I found these adorable diaper covers from an Etsy store called pinkpoodlebows. Aren´t they adorable?


This fabric is nice and neutral for this project. 

I´m going to spoil this little girl!

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