Monday, September 13, 2010

french roast

We arrived back in Lyon this morning just about 3 hours ago and it's barely now 11.
After being in two very hot climates recently it is refreshing to see that the weather has changed here and it's feeling very fall-ish. There's something about the Autumn time that is so invigorating for me. Even though we only slept about 3 hours last night, I've got endless energy now with the cool weather. Fall has a magical effect on me. Back home it was the start of the football season, my favorite coffees brewing,  the fantastic smells of firewood burning and fabulous feasts cooking that really make me feel so good every day. It was difficult saying goodbye to my family and home this time but I think that I can find some of the same things I love so much back in the states right here in France. Today for example, the smells of the Indian restaurant downstairs firing up their grills and preparing delicious curries for the lunch service have made their way up to our window. Hopefully all the kitchens will have this effect of inducing a terrific aroma in the air these coming months. Also, as we left the cab and made our way down the street to our apartment my local retail friends were out opening their shops and welcoming us back home with a "Bon Jour, ca va?" Not to mention, all my friends are back now after the summer trips and the start of our third season to prove we are not such newbies to this town anymore.

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