Saturday, August 21, 2010

sleep tonight

Haven´t had time to update a thing lately, the past two weeks have been so busy. I´m Back in Barcelona after a week in the small island of Menorca and three days in Veilla before that. The time spent in the countryside and the ocean was priceless! Especially upon arrival to Menorca, I appreciated the vacation so much more since I didn´t think that we would even be taking the trip after months of planning. Just 14 hours before the flight to Menorca my entire purse was lifted off the back of my chair in a Starbucks in central Barcelona. I heard that the thieves were sly in this tourist city but I had no idea they were that good. I was sitting with two other people on the not-so-crowded second level of the cafe and no one saw a thing. Pretty much immediately after realizing it was gone, the sky fell. I´ll never forget running through the crowded Plaza that night in my soaking wet dress to the police station where I had to sum up all the things that were stolen from me including my passport, ids, a camera, sunglasses, ipod, keys to my house, etc. It ended up being about a $900 frapuccino experience. However, we went to the American consulate the next morning and they issued me a temporary passport book in just about an hour. Talk about a reality check, but at least it all worked out and I got on the plane that afternoon.
On Sunday I will fly once again to Lyon, and return back to Barcelona by next Friday. Then off to the states on the following Monday for 10 days of quality time with family and friends. 
In the meantime, here´s a song I´ve been hearing everywhere that sums up my gypsy traveling ways.

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