Sunday, August 22, 2010


Got last minute tickets to the Super Copa tonight and made it in time to watch this exciting game between the Spanish League Champions and the King´s Cup Champions (Sevilla).  This was a two match competition and Barça entered the ring tonight the underdog having lost in Sevilla last weekend 3 - 1. They would need to win by three goals in order to be victorious.

Camp Nou was filled with tourists and Catalans all wearing the various shades of red, blue, yellow, and  odd neons of Futbol Club Barcelona´s Nike jerseys. The lineup of first half consisted of some of the favorite players I´ve talked about before including Xavi, Messi, Piqué, and Dani Alves. Being the first game since the World Cup, everyone was stoked to see the players back at the home field. The first 45 minutes of play time ended with the home team leading 3-0. The energy was amazing and everyone was singing and chanting, the first-time guests were wide-eyed at the charisma of the team and the fans.
With such a great start, a lot of the pressure was taken off. However, the 2nd chapter was much more tense with the players battling the dry heat and exhaustion. In order to keep the lead at this point it means that every time Sevilla scores, Barça would have to match it to ensure the win. I guess with a break or not feeling as much pressure the game slowed down a lot and Barçca wasn´t dominating like they had in the first half. Soon Iniesta and David Villa, the stars of the Spanish World Cup team were sub´d in and everyone was on their feet cheering. Finally with minutes to spare, Messi scored the 4th goal (his 3rd of the game) to seal the deal.

This is what it´s like being at the game....

Ohh lay lay, oh lala, Ser de Barça es, al millior que hi ha*.
*being from Barcelona is the best that there is.

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