Friday, August 6, 2010

cool video

Arcade Fire will be making their rounds to Europe very soon hitting up Barcelona and Lyon.
They are such an Amazing and Diverse sounding band!
      Below is one of their haunting songs set to a phenomenal spaghetti western called Once Upon a Time in the West. It was directed by Sergio Leone, I remember watching this years ago in college in my Italian cinema class.
 He actually was approached first to direct The Godfather but turned it down. If he hadn't, we may never have heard of Francis Ford Coppola, Coppola wine or his daughter Sophia. Anyhow, Leone was responsible for much of the success of Clint Eastwood having directed him in three western movies. It's interesting to think back to the 60's and how the prevalent the western movies were and how much things have changed.

 Enough rambling, enjoy the mini show and song.

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