Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bubble Blues

Thanksgiving has passed, though the holidays are still continuing strong. After four months of marriage I haven´t given much thought at all to working out. I almost joined a gym but wanted to wait until we stopped travelling so much so I wouldn´t waste money on something that I can´t use. However, after putting on my old jean jacket (it´s always a good detector because it never stretches or shrinks too much),  I´m pulling to make the buttons fit. This means that I probably would be getting angry with myself if I stepped on a scale right now. Starting today, it´s firm-up time! Well, considering that I´ve already got bacon in the oven for some bacon wrapped prawns the diet will have to start after lunch (no carbs though!). First step, we´ll shake the dust off the old dumbells.

Here´s a good bootyshakin´song

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