Friday, October 1, 2010

New Revolutions *a must read

1. As much as I love Olive Bread, yes (say it outloud)- I love bread but I Love Olive Bread. Trying Anchovie and Olive Bread today was a terrible mistake, NEVER AGAIN!

2. After watching Amelie last week again, I was inspired by the scene in which she takes an old blind man by the arm and guides him on a whirlwind 30 second adventure. However, I´ve realized today that she was lucky it went so smoothly because today i tried to help a blind man onto the metro but ended up upsetting him by giving him directions in my wretched french accent and ultimately making him miss the metro, leaving him waiting in the same spot as I rode away on the subway. I hung my head in shame since the whole fiasco had been witnessed by the other passengers there. I started this day feeling like the biggest jerk. Thanks Amelie.

3. However, thanks to the following clip I´ve finally come to understand what the difference in appearance is between the french and everyone else. It´s the Lips, the sounds, and the eyebrows.

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