Monday, July 12, 2010

A brief history in pictures - Discovering Futbol Club Barcelona

Tonight was an amazing victory for Spain and especially for the players of Barcelona's soccer team. Pujol, Iniesta, Busquets, Pedro,Villa, Xavi and Piqué were just some of the keyplayers in Spain winning the World Cup.

Me at my first Barça game in January - Barça vs. Villareal.
I've never heard such a loud crowd in my life.

 View of the "camp" and the Catalan flag.

The next three are from a game on a perfect day in April.

Outside Camp Nou on May 15 when Barça won the Spanish League.

Shortly after we joined the celebration party in the center.

Two happy fans.

 In June, we returned to the stadium so Roger could place his vote for Sandro Rosell to become the new Futbol Club President and after we got to tour the stadium inside and out.

The Players' locker room.

Mes Que Un Club - "More than a Club"   Sitting on the Barça shield

Gerard Piqué, one of my favorite players and one of the frontrunners on the national team during the cup.
You can see him here in this video, he's the first one with the "It's time for Africa" t-shirt on.


  1. So curious how much Barca and the city, or Catalan for that matter enjoyed the Spanish world cup or if they'd rather trade it for another Barcelona league title

    Ah, la crema de catalan... so curious..

    stay adventurous,

  2. good question! It was funny to hear people shouting Viva Espana from inside their homes and I think it made many Catalans skin crawl. However, I think there is a certain pride knowing that they pulled it off with the help of so many Barce players.

    Ah yes, the devilish crema de catalan is so amazing.

    Thanks for reading and commenting!
    Take Care