Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In today's news...

So much going on in the world right now, it's unbelievable!
First of all, I've been mentioning the Air France flight 447 for a while now. Yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the accident. The families of the victims still do not have any answers as to why the plane went down and the airline is reluctant to continue their investigation because it's so costly. Today I will be flying Air France from Houston direct to Paris and then taking the speed train back to Lyon. It doesn't matter how many times I fly, I always get the pre-flight jitters. 

In other headlines:
Behind the Gores' Shocking Split The Daily Beast – 48 mins ago

Five confirmed killed in British shooting rampage Reuters – 16 mins ago

Anti-incumbency takes down another congressman AP – 1 hr 29 mins ago

Could Gulf oil spill bankrupt BP? The Christian Science Monitor – Tue Jun 1, 6:53 pm ET

US soccer team in fortified South Africa hotel AP – Wed Jun 2, 4:55 am ET

Are moviegoers tiring of sequels? Reuters – 43 mins ago

Military to Adopt NFL's Instant Replay Technology – Tue Jun 1, 10:45 pm ET


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