Monday, July 23, 2012

Reina Sofia

Settling in nicely here in Lagny. It´s turned out to be quite charming and quiet. Three times a week there is a huge market on our street where we can get rotisserie chicken, fish, cheese, fresh veggies, housewears, music, books, everything! Also I´m taking advantage of the miles of bike trails that lead into Paris and surrounding towns. Today I got a little lost and found a golf course in the neighboring village.

Last weekend we took a 48 hour trip to Barcelona for a baptism and a barbecue. The weekend before we took advantage of a business meeting to spend a couple of days meandering Madrid. In addition to checking out the museum of costumes I spent about half a day in my favorite museum Reina Sofia. The 2nd floor houses my favorite pieces of art including works by Picasso, Dali, Juan Gris, and Miró just to name a few.
I picked up a few prints to go in the house. I like the soft brown and blue tones of both paintings.
Dali´s Woman at the Window (1925)

Juan Gris´ La Bouteille d´anis (1914)

Some other honorable mentions from the museum:

Rosario de Velazco
¨Adam and Eve¨

Cat and Crab

Alfonso Ponce De Leon
Self- Portrait (1936)


Juaquin Torres-Garcia
Paisaje de Ciudad (1928)

Somewhere along the way of searching for these images I stumbled across this website. In light of the recent shooting in Aurora, Colorado and the ongoing arms debate I can´t help but find these shirts appropriate. I get so angered by the people who defend the right to purchase heavy ammo and rapid fire weapons. I wish they would wear shirts like these so I would know to steer clear of them. They claim only crazies kill people, it´s not the guns´fault, I can´t help but think why a sane person feels compelled to have to access to these types of guns. 

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