Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Talk Shop Tuesday

Today I went out to the streets to do some shopping with my new friend Jenna from Toronto. We started off our afternoon picking up some fun stuff at a resale shop properly named New Rose, although you´ll find nothing but vintage goodies here.
We wound our way through the drizzling rain over to Vanessa Bruno which is tucked away on a quiet street, it´s so hidden it didn´t even appear on our maps app.

I´d passed by this street a million times and had no idea that we had a Vanessa Bruno in Lyon, but my fashion forward Lyon newbie knew it from the start. Let´s go exploring....

First of all the walls of the shop are littered with photos of Kate Bosworth, which I think I referenced this video in a earlier post.

Really my eyes were drawn to the knee length boots that come in a variety of colors. I adore the dusty pink ones on the sale shelf but didn´t dare peak at the price. Too tempting. Her collection included very soft colors and ethereal fabrics. Simple at first glance but the beauty really comes from the details. You will probably recognize many different knockoffs of this bag of hers.

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